Bridging Cultures

Taking the initiative to connect globally.

From celebrating different cultures, places and histories to fostering tourism, international business and government relations, our programs and activities ultimately promote cultural awareness, global collaboration, economic development and grassroots, people-to-people diplomacy.


Our formula for global connectivity.

How we connect Birmingham with the world.

With over 40 years experience facilitating international relations and deep cultural immersion, Birmingham Sister Cities has distilled global connectivity into three essential elements:

Engage. Enrich. Exchange.

This three-pronged framework fuels our mission of connecting Birmingham with the world. By continuously Engaging, Enriching, and Exchanging between locals and our global neighbors, we promote goodwill and cooperation essential for thriving in our interconnected world.



Sister Cities is rooted in the belief that meaningful people-to-people engagement fosters world peace. We’re not just talking about signing up for a newsletter, we’re talking about the kind of engagement that leads to global friendships and international opportunity.

Our partnerships, outreach and network-building initiatives engage diverse communities through program tracks in Youth & Education, Arts & Culture, Government Relations, Community Development, and Business & Trade.


We cultivate global citizens and cultural ambassadors within our community. Through cultural events and festivals along with our educational and economic initiatives, we always strive to develop cultural intelligence and equip Birminghamians to collaborate and compete globally.

We enrich the city of Birmingham by celebrating its diversity, promoting cultural appreciation, and fostering social cohesion. These experiences offer citizens the opportunity to explore different cultures, broaden their global understanding, and forge meaningful connections with people from around the world.


This is where the real magic happens. The people-to-people exchange of ideas, resources, best practices and more–this is what Sister Cities is all about.

We facilitate exchanges across borders to drive collaboration, spark innovation and advance diplomacy. Our exchange initiatives – spanning themes from arts and culture, to community and economic development – provide platforms for Birmingham leaders, professionals and youth to trade ideas and expertise with global counterparts.