Agreement Signed Aug. 5, 1998
Population 3,500,000
Mayor Yin Li, 2022
Language Mandarin Chinese
Currency Renminbi Yuan
Timezone UTC+8


We also have a friendship arrangement with the Chaoyang District of Beijing which includes the airport and most of downtown. This relationship has been very fruitful and involved numerous exchanges of official delegations.

Locale Information

Chaoyang District is located in the eastern part of Beijing, China's capital city. It is one of the central districts of Beijing, and is bordered by the districts of Haidian to the northwest, Dongcheng to the west, and Chongwen to the southwest. The district covers an area of approximately 475 square kilometers and has a population of over 3.5 million people. Chaoyang District is a major commercial and residential hub in Beijing, with many businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues located within its boundaries. It is also home to several cultural and historical landmarks, including the Temple of the Sun and the China Red Sandalwood Museum.


The main driver of the economy in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China is the service sector, particularly the finance, information technology, and tourism industries. The district is home to many multinational corporations, financial institutions, and technology companies, which contribute significantly to the local economy. Additionally, the district is a popular tourist destination, with many attractions such as the Olympic Park, Sanlitun shopping area, and the CBD (Central Business District). The district's strategic location and excellent transportation infrastructure also make it an attractive destination for businesses and investors.

Fun Facts

  • Tourist Places

    Classical Gardens of Suzhou; Potala Palace; Shanghai's Promenade; Hangzhou's Historic West Lake; Qing Zhao Mausoleum; Leshan Giant Buddha; Hong Kong Skyline; Zhangjiajie National Forest Park; Great Wall; Terracotta Army; Forbidden City; Summer Palace; Tiananmen Square; Longmen Grottoes

  • Climate

    Extremely diverse; tropical in south to subarctic in north

  • Sports

    Basketball, table tennis, volleyball

  • Local Meal

    Peking Roast Duck — maltose syrup (a natural sweetener produced from fermented grains) glazed-duck roasted until brown; the skin is served dipped in a sugar-garlic sauce and the meat is served with sweet bean sauce, spring onions, pancakes, and cucumber sticks